Organic Bentonite Aloe Moringa & Charcoal Face Mask - Refill

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Just four ingredients: this pure, red Montmorrillonite clay mask is mixed with organic Aloe Vera powder and organic Moringa powder. We've even added activated charcoal making this a great way to get rid of toxins in a gentle but deep cleanse

For all skin types this can be a real useful complete facial detox. It is particularly suitable for oily skin and a great product for helping to treat acne and inflamed, clogged pores. We recommend to use no more than twice a week, and to moisturise immediately after.

It comes in our very popular, beautifully corked reusable glass jar with wooden spoon. You can find our refill for this clay mask here.

TIP: If you use botanical steamers, drain and save your steaming water in the fridge to mix with your face mask!

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: clay and charcoal should not get in contact with any metal containers (this preserves the negative charge of the product and makes it work at its best)!

Red Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay

This is the purest form of Bentonite Clay. It has some exceptional qualities that can really work well for you.

Named after the French Mont Morillon, montmorillonite is the main compound that is found in bentonite clay. It has some unique properties that make it incredibly useful as a facial cleansing medium. It can simultaneously remove excess oils and bind with toxins on our skin, making them easy to remove.

Mostly formed from the weathering of volcanic ash, it is a rock forming silicate (a family of minerals that include sand and clay) that has both an absorbing quality, swelling with oils or water, as well as an adsorption, or binding, function. Having a permanent negative charge it binds to positively charged molecules, which is what many of the toxins on our skin are.

Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal is one of the most porous substances available, which gives this powder enormous adsorption powers (like absorption, but using a different process). This characteristic, known as microporosity, create a large, sponge-like surface able to adsorb many times it's own weight. A gram of this substance can have a surface area of 500 m2, making it incredibly effective at removing toxins and pollutants.

Our charcoal powder is derived from coconut shells, which turns a by-product of coconut farming into a useful, zero-waste ingredient.

Aloe Vera Leaf Powder

We use an organic aloe vera powder that has been concentrated and freeze dried in a unique way that respects this plant and preserves the polysaccharides and the other useful nutrients that aloe has to offer.

Scientific studies show that the molecular structure of this beauty can help with healing wounds and reduce scarring. It is also used to soothe inflamed skin. Its ability to absorb quickly makes it particularly suitable for oily skin, but it is just as good for dry skin too!

People with eczema and psoriasis may benefit from its soothing qualities with a reduction of itchiness.

Moringa Leaf Powder

This humble tree is a staple in the Middle East, grown for its seed oil as well as its leaves, which are high in Vitamins A, C and a number of B vitamins. It's also a good source for potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals. The leaves are dried and grounded, creating a powder that can help to detoxify and boost skin health.

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