Organic Bentonite Aloe Moringa & Charcoal Face Mask

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This pure, red Montmorrillonite clay mask is mixed with organic Aloe Vera powder and organic Moringa powder. We even added activated charcoal for super absorption.

Montmorillonite clay is one of the purest forms of bentonite clay available. It is great to use for purifying the skin and can also help to soothe contact dermatitis.

Aloe also has soothing, as well as moisturising properties. It has many beneficial phytonutrients, of which potassium and magnesium are especially of great support to a healthy facial skin.

Both Aloe and Moringa powder are anti-inflammatory. Moringa specifically is packed with inflammation lowering polyphenols and isothiocyanates. On top of that, the flavonoids, ascorbic acid and polyphenols in Moringa protect you against free radicals.

Activated charcoal multiplies the absorption power enormously. Its porous, negatively charged character creates a large, sponge-like surface ready to absorb toxins. Most toxins have a positive charge, making them 'easy prey' for the negative charges of both the clay and charcoal. Made from coconut shell, it is a byproduct of the coconut industry, making it a great zero-waste ingredients.