SPF30 All Natural Sunscreen Non Nano Zinc Oxide

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This is a great All Natural Sunscreen. We've combined the natural SPF values of Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Organic Raspberry Seed Oil and Organic Shea Butter, and mixed this together with Non Nano Zinc Oxide for lasting, waterproof sun protection. 

Our Zinc Oxide is a mineral free from nano particles, making it safer for your skin and better for the planet. It has an SPF value of 30. Zinc oxide has a long history of use in sunscreen products. 

Take this sunscreen when you go sunbathing, or use it as a daily protection. Apply every two hours when you are in the sun and reapply after swimming. 

Organic Raspberry Seed Oil is rich in Omega 3 + 6 and antioxidants. It offers some protection against UVB and UVA solar rays, similar to most mineral sunscreens. 

Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil has strong anti fungal and bacterial properties. 

We are aware that Raspberry and Carrot Seed Oil's SPF factors are not widely established, and are currently not recommended to use as sunscreen by themselves. However, we use Zinc Oxide to provide the base protection of SPF 30 and value the oils for their individual qualities as well as their SPF potential. Shea Butter has an SPF value of approx. 6, and has other skin nourishing qualities to benefit in the use of a sunscreen. 

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