Organic Botanical Face Oil: Lavender

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Many of us suffer from dry skin and often our face suffers the most. For this, we really wanted to make an organic botanical face oil that can heal and protect as well as really moisturise effectively.

First we fill up a jar with lavender buds and completely soak them in sunflower seed oil. It's left to steep for several weeks and afterwards we mix it with jojoba wax oil. The final addition is a bit of rosemary leaf extract, our favourite natural preservative for oils. The result is a face oil that absorbs really quick without leaving you feeling oily.

These ingredients combined have the ability to hydrate really well, calm your skin and reduce any type of inflammation, provide you with the fatty acids and vitamins on which your skin relies and promote the healing and overall health of your skin.

Clean your face as normal and pat dry. After your cleansing ritual, simply use 4-5 drops and gently massage the oil into your face and neck until it's absorbed. Use this oil in the morning and before bed for the best result.

Our Footprint: The dropper that comes with this beard oil is a glass one, it can be used over and over [if you want to clean it, dab it with some alcohol]. We encourage to reduce & reuse! Order without a dropper, save a pound and the planet :)

Jojoba Wax Oil

Jojoba oil (which is really a liquid wax) is a humectant oil, attracting water to the skin's top layer. This makes it a great moisturiser all day long, reducing the need to re-apply. It also has amazing properties for promoting as well as maintaining skin health

The make-up of this oil is so similar to the skin's sebum (the oil your skin produces) that your body doesn't notice the difference, making it absolutely non-comedogenic (meaning it won't clog your pores). This makes the feel of this oil super light and allows it to absorb swiftly.

It has a long history of use in the Americas as a plant medicine, and studies show it has a variety of healing properties. We are very fond of this powerful oil that's not really oily :)

Sunflower Seed Oil

As the name suggests, sunflower seed oil is extracted from the seeds. It is an oil suitable for all skin types, that is high in vitamin E. In fact, when we add vitamin E to our products (to use as a natural preservative) it is really a highly concentrated and filtered sunflower oil.

It is also a noncomedogenic oil, meaning it won't clog pores and will absorb quickly. It could help protect against UV damage, premature ageing and the forming of wrinkles. It's high in linoleic acid, which helps to maintain the skin's natural barrier, keeping it hydrated. Scientific study found that it's effective at improving hydration and maintaining the integrity of the outer layer of the skin.

Linoleic acid also makes this oil effective in protecting against bacteria, as well as inflammation. Where its oleic acids could be beneficial in supporting wound healing.

As sunflower oil is a seed oil, we do recommended that you have a scratch test done by a health professional, if you have any type of seed or nut allergy.

Lavender Buds

A lovely smelling, well-known herb called lavender, just happens to be a great help in treatments for acne, dry or inflamed skin conditions and can help speed up wound healing. It has pain relieving and numbing qualities that can be very soothing. In China it has been used for centuries to alleviate pain in herbal remedies.

it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are very useful when applied topically or as a steaming agent. A variety of skin irritations, such as psoriasis and eczema may respond well to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic workings. Even wrinkles and hyperpigmentation may be treatable with this tiny flower.

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