Eco Gift Box: Mens Grooming Set

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A wonderful grooming set for guys: our herbal beard oil, herbal infused aftershave balm and beard soap. For any guy who likes to look after his manes.

The beard oil is can be used to soften the beard and give it shine, a real great conditioner. It is also great to use as a shaving oil, rub it in before your shave to help reduce bumps and cuts. 

The balm is soothing for use as an aftershave, cooled with peppermint essential oil. The balm keeps you moisturised and the herbal infusion stimulates growth. A nice masculine scent to top this off, and no worries!

The beard soap is an all rounder too! Give it a deep cleanse with this soap, and the Kaolin clay will help soften the hair. It's a super handy quick shaver, simply rub it directly on the wet skin, or if you have the time, turn it into a proper wet shaving soap with a bowl and brush!

This box is a big eco hug for any guy sporting one! No nasty leftovers, a clean cut and a clear conscience.

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