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We created this lovely Facial Eco Box because a lot of our customers in the market would buy this combination of products for their facial care. We found that mums and dads were also buying these for their young daughters. So we knew this eco box had to be on our site. I guess you could say we did our "market research" lol!

The loofah, facial pads and sensitive soap come in a box that's got true eco-credentials: made from recycled paper, stuffed with recycled crinkle for a festive look. We use a stamp to adorn it with our ethos and a festive outer too! The items themselves are our eco-best as well: minimal packaging and everything recyclable. We wrap it in recycled paper before we put on the necessities and send it so it arrives ready to give :)

Sensitive Soap Bar
Free from essential oils, packed with the nourishing goodness of vitamin A, antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, this bar is just the ticket! When you need a soap that's gentle for your face, mild enough for infants (not tear-free, so be mindful with the eyes, though), great for eczema or anyone with delicate or aged skin, try Sensitive and you will not be disappointed.

Handmade simply from one third cocoa butter and a third each of coconut and olive oil.

Each bar is free from plastics, palm oil, SLS and parabens, weighs about 95 grams and is alkaline with a value of pH8-9.

Loofah Discs
A Natural Exfoliator, completely biodegradable and from a renewable, eco-friendly resource. This is a great addition to your facial cleansing routine.

Taken from the edible fruit of the Luffa aegyptiaca, the sponge is made from the network of xylem fiber, after all other parts are removed. It has an excellent texture to scrub, and is strong and lasting.

By wetting the disc, the Loofah increases dramatically in size. Rinse well after each use and allow to dry well. If dried properly the Luffa could last for a considerable amount of time.

They come in packs of 5 and are good value for money. I always air on the side of caution and that is not to over do things. Use these about once a week to allow your skin to regenerate.

Facial Pads
Our Facial pads are sewn by us using antibacterial organic bamboo towelling fabric. These are re-usable and washable at 30 degrees. A great way to cut down on our daily wastage of resources. They are also biodegradable.

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