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A chance to combine any of our products and create your very own ECO Gift Box. Simply add any of the products from our shop to your basket together with this listing and we'll do the rest. We have different box sizes so we will certainly find one to fit your order!

But wait.... that's a Mailer Box??

Yes indeed.... and THAT's exactly the point. It is a high quality, recycled cardboard box that doesn't leave your loved one with a box that can't be recycled because of the 'festive printing'. Instead, EVERYTHING about this box is about being RECYCLED, REUSABLE, RECYCLABLE, SUSTAINABLE and ZERO WASTE.

Nowadays, EVERYBODY needs to have a mailer-box at some point and this box can simply be flat packed away to be reused when you need it.  

We use gorgeous recycled Kraft Crinkle to fill the boxes and make sure your items arrive safe AND in style. Who says eco-friendly has to look bland?! This is festive without the horrible 'after-party'... :D

On top, our Gift Box comes adorned with eco-friendly stamping. Inside, a little message about the box' eco-credentials. On the outside, we can do an Eco-Heart, a Bunch of Dandelions, a Tree of Life or go mad with a Whole Lotta Rosie: as many hearts as we can get on it :)

By the way, the beautiful stamps are from 'The Arty Crafty Place'. So, if block prints are your thing, be sure to have a look at their fantastic stamps!

We can send the gift box directly to a friend or loved one! Please provide us with the name of the receiver, the occasion and of course, on whose behalf we are sending it ;)

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