At Things of Nature we are aware of our social responsibilities with regards to helping the environment. This attitude has been the founding principle of our Company.


In fact our Environmental Policy and our Company's Mission are effectively the same. Our objectives are to reduce our own, as well as our customers' impact on our environment and our planet.


We believe that our company's and personal responsibilities go beyond our workplace and therefore every effort will be made to conserve resources and minimise impact throughout everything we do.


Things of Nature will continue to find ways and sources that will reduce environmental impact at every stage of our operation, be it supply, packaging or production. We are going beyond the requirements and seek techniques, ingredients, resources and approaches that keep us, or help us to get ahead of the challenge, whilst ensuring we meet existing environmental laws and regulation.


Growth of our company depends on our abilities to minimise or eliminate our impacts on our surroundings. Our ultimate success is the success and health of our home, the planet we call Earth.


The following are commitments towards our values:



Our attitude and commitment towards the environment will be actively promoted to our customers and suppliers. We will endeavour to instil the importance of a change in attitude, and demonstrate the ease with which many of these changes can be achieved.



Practical Implementation:


  • Things of Nature will promote our values in all our communications and make these clearly visible for all visitors to our premises.

  • We will advise our customers on how they can reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • We will promote best practices to our suppliers and change suppliers to reward the best initiatives where this is suitable.



Things of Nature will endeavour to reduce the impact on the environment wherever possible with respect to transport.


Practical Implementation:


  • Seek and employ local products and services to reduce transport costs.

  • Things of Nature will avoid unnecessary travel, and will use energy efficient vehicles and driving styles.

  • Encourage the use of public transport, cycle or foot.



Energy & Water Consumption

Things of Nature makes a conscious effort and commitment to a reduction in use of energy both by finding the best energy saving equipment and solutions, as well as through the purchase of green electricity. We will reduce our use of water and minimise our effect on the quality of our water wherever this is possible.


Practical Implementation:


  • Things of Nature will make every effort to use water efficiently and avoid pollutants entering the drainage system.

  • We will use energy efficient products wherever practical, and monitor usage so we can make changes to reduce our energy consumption.

  • We will seek information from others to find any areas that we can improve in and implement applicable changes.



Waste Generation and Management

Things of Nature is committed to minimize the production of waste and pollution. For our company the prime focus is how we package our products and how we receive our ingredients. We will find the best solutions for packaging that can be recycled efficiently, reused easily or fully composted. We will also address the volume of waste by minimising the amount of packaging wherever possible and informing our suppliers of ways that they can do the same.


Practical Implementation:


  • Things of Nature will compost organic and compostable waste.

  • We choose the packaging that can be recycled the easiest and has the lowest energy value. We are currently committing to aluminium as this is lightweight and has the best recycling value.

  • If part of the packaging is compostable, we ensure that all other parts are compostable as well. We use compostable labels for our compostable pouches.

  • We reuse postal packaging whenever possible. Cardboard and cardboard boxes that cannot be reused for shipments will be converted to protective padding.

  • We will make recycled packaging options work for us by changing the ways we print our information on our packaging.


Materials and Resources

Things of Nature will go above and beyond to minimize environmental impact with regard to sourcing materials and resources. We will compare suppliers based on environmental impact and commit to those who share our values.


Practical Implementation:


  • Things of Nature will use materials that are grown and/or produced sustainably and responsibly, and wherever possible use locally made goods.

  • We will ask our suppliers to implement green alternatives for packaging and resourcing where applicable.



Thank you for helping us to help the environment.