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Clay Face Mask: Pure Red Montmorillonite

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This is 100% pure Red Montmorillonite, naturally dried and taken from the hills of Sardinia.

Red clay gets its distinct rich colour from a high iron oxide content. It's a clay that is very rich in trace minerals and has a high alkaline value of 9.2pH. This allows it to draw and absorb excess oil and toxins from your skin and helps you get that deep cleanse. It increases blood flow, helping to rejuvenate by improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. 

Preparation: Slightly cover the clay with clean, warm water. Leave the clay for a few minutes to fully absorb the moisture. Do not stir. Once absorbed, thoroughly mix the clay to a thick paste. The right consistency should just be able to hold the mixing spoon.  

Application: Apply the clay generously to clean, towel-dry skin, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave up to 5 minutes for dry skin, 10 mins for normal/combination skin and up to 20 mins for oily skin. Wash the clay off and apply moisturiser immediately after.  

PLEASE NOTE: Contact with any metal will reduce the clay's ionic charge and diminish its effectiveness. To prevent redness or peeling, use non-chlorinated, mineral or distilled water.

USEFUL TIP: If you've had a botanical steam, cool and strain the water into a jar. It will keep in the fridge for a couple of days and is great to use as water for your face mask.